BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration

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Workplace Training FAQ

What is it?

Nationally accredited training provided by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who comes into your workplace to conduct on-the-job training for your employees.


Suitable for employees who would benefit from possessing exceptional office administration skills for their current role, or in preparation for a promotion. This course is also suitable for employees who have intermediate experience looking to formalise their skills.

Course on Offer

BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration: This course provides training in all the key components of business office skills including but not limited to; creating practical and visually engaging presentations and documents, scheduling, organisation, working effectively with others, WHS competency and customer service.


This course takes approximately 6-9 months to complete. Duration is variable depending on number of weekly sessions conducted and employee competency.


Flexible delivery mode with the convenience of online learning and face-to-face delivery and assessment to embed skills and knowledge in the workplace.

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Business Administration Workplace Training
Traineeship Opportunity In NSW

Now is the time to up-skill! On-the-job training is a proven way to boost staff productivity, retain talent in your workplace and increase workplace safety. A Certificate III in Business Administration BSB30415 is a great way to support junior and administration employees and when applied as part of a Traineeship it can offer great incentives for employers and staff! Call us today on 1300 10 2273 to discuss your funding opportunities and explore the benefits of workplace training.

  • Reduce business costs

  • Boost staff performance and retention

  • Improve workplace safety

  • Flexible training session schedule & delivery

  • Training tailored to your work processes

  • Access employer incentives*

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