QANTAS Workforce Redeployment Initiative


InterCare & QANTAS

Workforce Redeployment Initiative

InterCare Mission Statement: “To empower, inspire and develop people to create opportunities that will make
a positive impact on their lives and those they care for.”

InterCare Training has partnered with QANTAS to support their workers impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis! Impacted staff seeking redeployment can access an amazing opportunity for those who are wanting to get qualified and begin a new and lifetime accessible rewarding career in the ever-evolving Aged Care & Disability Services Industry.

QANTAS staff often have existing skills particularly in areas that may compliment the Aged Care and/or Disability sectors such as
high levels of customer service, infection control, hygiene, cleaning standards, workplace health and safety and other health specific
skills such as First Aid and other emergency health management expertise.

We see a direct benefit of QANTAS staff gaining further supplementary employment opportunities that they can access for their
lifetime in an area that would directly compliment QANTAS customers/passengers upon their return to work being those
individuals with a Disability or senior in their years.

As InterCare is experiencing high demand for Aged Care and Disability Workers to support the upcoming workforce shortage, we
would welcome the opportunity to further discuss and champion opportunities for these staff to be redeployed into an industry where
demand and job prospects remain high –understanding that this may be for an interim period or until they can return to active service.

You will be able to access your training materials from anywhere, as our updated online training platform works seamlessly on computers, tablets, and even mobile phones.
If you are wanting to start your chosen course but have concerns regarding payment, you should know that our courses are connected to Government Funding opportunities (eligibility criteria applies).

Now is the best time to begin your Training! During the course, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself with the virtual classroom, face to face and lab events that will give you first-hand experience.

We provide training and experience to be the best that you can be.

If you don’t need Training Support and already qualified in Aged Care & Disability then review our job board.




Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to train and work with Aged Care & Disability leading employers. To confirm your position today, please call us on 1300 10 22 73 or fill out the form (selecting ‘Workforce Redeployment Initiative’) and we will get in contact with you.

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